Daniel Patrick Forrester

Daniel Patrick Forrester

Focused on people and transformative change, Daniel Forrester is a respected entrepreneur, published author, and business leader. Daniel is passionate about being a catalyst between innovative vision and transformational excellence and doing so in a way that mutually benefits both present-day society and future generations.

Described as a forward-thinking visionary and trusted advisor to CEOs worldwide, Daniel has built a large inventory of diverse experiences helping leaders manage incessant change while assimilating new points of view into his practice. He founded the award-winning consultancy firm THRUUE in 2012 and recently sold it to TiER1 Performance. THRUUE successfully accelerated growth initiatives to more than 50 CEOs by interlacing system-level thinking that connected organizational culture to enterprise strategy.

With a reputation for strategy, digital transformation, corporate culture, and policy, Daniel is passionate about galvanizing change in the American health-care system, with a core focus on helping millions through the integration of patient-centric software, data, and age-tech innovations. This includes advisory to Leading Age, AARP, and Argentum. More recently, Daniel became senior advisor to the AI and machine learning organization AlphaROC, helping companies generate extraordinary and predictive insights into both consumer and voter behavior.

Daniel is also a teacher. Through his books, podcasts, and online courses, he has interviewed and assimilated the thinking of some of the most extraordinary leaders of our time. In addition, he is an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland's School of Engineering, where he developed the open online course on EdX entitled Generating Vision: Long-Term Big Ideas That Motivate Employees and Stakeholders. Daniel is a recognized publisher known for his numerous articles and quotations on governance, culture, strategy, change, vision, and leadership. He authored Consider: Harnessing the Power of Reflective Thinking in Your Organization, published in 2011, and coauthored Relentless: The Forensics of Mobsters' Business Practices, published in 2021. These works inspired Daniel to extend his literary inclinations to screenplay, with his first entitled Songs for My Father.

Daniel holds an MBA from the University of Rochester's William E. Simon School of Business and a BS from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Originally from New York, Daniel currently resides in Madison, New Jersey, with his wife and their two children.